Posted by Dave Thijssen Wednesday 26 March 2014

The App-V 5.0 Command Line Hook Switch can be used to allow local applications to run inside an App-V Virtual Environment. This way packaged applications, such as a sequenced browser plug-in, can interact with locally installed applications, such as Internet Explorer.

Assembling the Command Line Hook Switch can be tricky because it requires you to retrieve the package GUID and version GUID and concatenate them with an underscore in between. The full format looks like this: /appvve:<PACKAGEGUID_VERSIONGUID>.

To do this quickly, you can copy and run this single line of Powershell code:

$AppName = Read-Host "Enter package name"; If($AppVClientPackage = Get-AppVClientPackage $AppName) { Write-Host ("App-V Command Line Hook Switch:`n/appvve:" + $AppVClientPackage.PackageId + "_" + $AppVClientPackage.VersionId) } Else { Write-Host "Package not found." }


Powershell Script to assemble the App-V Command Line Hook Switch

Copy the last line of the output and add it as a parameter to your application shortcut.

For more information about the App-V Command Line Hook Switch see the following article: How to launch processes inside the App-V 5.0 virtualized environment (KB2848278)

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