Posted by Unknown Wednesday, 28 November 2018

I had a problem with the transmitter not being added to the network and my Philips Hue LED bulbs would not pair with the transmitter.

Adding the transmitter

When adding the transmitter fails (red leds flash three times), make sure the Philips hub is in search-mode.
You set the Philips Hue Hub in search-mode using the Hue app.
Go to Settings, Light Setup, Add Lights and hit Search.
Your LED bulbs flash green once, after the transmitter has been added to the network.

Remember that the transmitter will not be shown in the app as a light or accessore.

Adding a Hue Bulb to the transmitter

When adding a Hue LED bulb fails (red leds on transmitter flash three times), take the power of the bulb (by either unscrewing or using the wall switch) and try again. Unscrew other bulbs to make sure you're pairing the correct one.
Hold the transmitter close to the bulb (10-40 cm).

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